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DRipGODz Announces Release Date for their 2nd Album of the Year: DRipGODz

The Hip hop Duo; has announced the official release date for their 2nd album of the year, DRipGODz. The new album will be available for streaming on Spotify and on all other streaming platforms.

Following the drop of their single, ‘Intro,’ the group announced the new album would release on August 13th, 2021. On Sunday, July 17th, a clue was dropped on their YouTube channel (BlockRunner TV) regarding the highly anticipated album.

The mellow vibe enriched album will be released by Block Runner Muzik Group. Speaking on the upcoming album, the CEO of the Block Runner Muzik Group, $in said:

“DRipGODz's sophomore album has intense moods & introspective lyrics. Its melodic flows bounce between rapping and singing, leaving fans wanting more. All fans will undoubtedly enjoy the solid production & great mixes. DRipGODz won't miss.,”

The self-entitled album dropping on August 13th is coming after the success of their recent album, Only Fan$. DRipGODz's last album, Only Fan$ was released on July 6th, 2021, with direct hits “Thug Romance” “Different" and “Insecurities”

As share on their Instagram, DRipGODzis 1/3 of the albums to be released for the summer. “We just dropped one of three albums for the summer, and I need everybody to go download & vibe wit it.”

This album is properly packed with multilayered vocals. Switching between rapping and singing. There is great melodic, inspiring, and strong mood beats and handwritten lyrics.

The forthcoming album features tracks talking about life, love, struggles, making money, and incarcerated friends. DRipGODz also has a Trap/R&B sound. In July, the legendary duo released ‘Intro’ and ‘Rags To Riches’

“If you finish first you’ll never be last” “If I ain't the hardest ain't nobody harder, If I ain't the hottest ain't nobody hottest,” the song entitled ‘Intro’.

Block Runner Muzik Group is made up of Gary, Indiana, residents $in and $tro. Hence, $in is the CEO and founder of Block Runner Muzik Group and recently teamed up with fellow label mate, $TRO to form the “DRipGODz”.

About the Artist (DRipGODz)

DRipGODz is a group of Hip hop stars who rap and sing virtually about every facet of human life. The group is made of Hip hop Duo, $in, and $TRO who are also active members of the BlockRunnerMuzikGroup.

For more information, official inquiries, and frequent updates on this upcoming album release, visit Block Runner Muzik Group’s official website at or email them at

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